Roads – FAQ & Info


The City of St. Hedwig has over 30 miles of roads that it is maintaining at any given time. To help us serve the Citizens of St. Hedwig we welcome input regarding comments and/or issues with potholes or other road related challenges.

For issues and concerns relating to FM1346 or FM1518, please note that the City of St. Hedwig cannot work on those roads or their right of ways as they are TXDOT roads. Once you contact us we will provide you the information you need so that you can contact the appropriate TXDOT personnel regarding questions/comments on those roads.

For issue(s)/comments on all city roads please send information regarding location of the issue(s) as well as contact information so that we can follow up as necessary to:

In 2009 the St. Hedwig City Council adopted a Mobility Plan to assist entities that are interested in our city in understanding the future plan for transportation in St. Hedwig. That information is located here as well as on our Ordinance page. St. Hedwig Mobility Plan

For questions and/or more information regarding the Mobility Plan please email: Kim Fornoff at