Rezoning Request

Per the St. Hedwig Zoning Ordinance, all properties within the City Limits of Saint Hedwig are separated into zoning districts, each with their own allowable use. (See St. Hedwig Zoning Ordinance)

Should a citizen decide to request a rezoning of their property there is a process by state law which must be followed including but not limited to, notification of adjacent land owners within 200 ft of the affected property and two public hearings.

The public hearings are held to allow the property owner of the affected property to present their reasons for the re-zoning request and for the adjacent land owners to make comments on the record.

The first public hearing is to be held with the Planning and Zoning Commission, at which point the Commission will vote to approve or deny a recommendation to the City Council to re-zone the affected property.

Should a recommendation be made by the Planning and Zoning Commission to the City Council for approval of the re-zoning request, the City Council will then have their own public hearing to hear for themselves any information the property owner and/or adjacent property owners would like to bring forth on the record. At that point, the City Council can choose to vote at the end of their public hearing to accept the Planning and Zoning recommendation or Council can request the vote be placed on agenda for the next City Council meeting.

Due to requirements and statues as set forth by the State of Texas that we have to follow, please allow 90-120 days from the time the application is submitted to the final vote from City Council. We will do everything in our power to expedite the process.

The fee to submit a rezoning request is $150.
Please make check/money order out to the City of St. Hedwig and submit with application.

For inquiries or to acquire a rezoning request application contact:
Kim Fornof